Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cafe racer encounters

The café racer movement has taken a firm hold in San Francisco, as it has across the United States, and it was good to meet one very enthusiastic biker in Gabe Ets-Hokin and check out his very neat Honda CB350.

Gabe doubles as editor-in-chief of local motorcycle newspaper CityBike (Cover line: “Ride fast, Take Chances”). His Honda features some custom and off-the-shelf parts from several of the best suppliers and he credits local bike magician “Charlie”of Charlie’s Place on 17th Street with the quality build and some of the details that separate an also-ran from a really well-thought out café racer.

Certainly, Cherie from Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals decided that a cafe racer might well be her next bike...

It’s significant that with various test bikes always at his disposal, Gabe chooses to ride the CB350 as often as possible. We understand.

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