Friday, April 27, 2012

Another happy customer...

Dr Roger has done it again - sent another happy customer out into the cafe racer world with a better bike than he rode in on.
Local guy Andy brought his modified Honda GB400 in to us on a trailer after he saw the Mid Life Cycles TV commercial. (See: )

Andy's neat GB about to undergo surgery

It was quite a neat bike, but Andy had run out of skills at the critical moment, needing some help to re-route the wiring and fit a new seat from Benjie's Cafe Racers.
(See: )
It took a few workshop hours, but Roger did his usual tidy job, fitting a rear frame loop and then wiring in a new Shorai battery under the Benjie's seat-hump. He didn't like the look of the stock fork-tops protruding above the triple-clamp, so one custom modification later and Andy's front end looked neat and the fork's factory-fitted mushiness had gone.

This GB needed a fork-ectomy to tidy up the front end
Roger also tweaked the carb, fitted a custom inner guard and bracket to support the dry-sump oil tank, tidied up some brackets 'n bits, and handed the bike back to Andy.
And this was the happy customer's response:

Hey Roger: I've been riding the bike around this morning, and it feels fantastic! The front end feels a million bucks and the carby tuning trick feels great too. I've been very happy with you communication and workmanship skills. I will absolutely be coming back when I need more help with sourcing or mechanical issues. Cheers and thank you! Andy.
You're welcome Andy! That's another neat cafe racer back on the street...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

D-Day for Frankenbike

So, it's done, dusted and delivered. Frankenbike went to his new owner a few weeks back and has been doing the rounds, blowin' people away - as he should.
New owner Frank Kelloway is a happy man. "Bike is just terrific - thank you. Rides really well, firm but not too much, goes and sounds great, gearing is good." That's what we like to hear.

Frankenbike on D-Day
This was a great build to do - challenging, because it combined elements of both Honda XBR and GB models, with plenty of custom touches. We had a clear brief from the owner, purity of line and design maintained by builder Mike D, some inspiration along the way and lots of technical input from Dr Roger on all areas from fabrication to electrickery.

Custom bracket holds standard tacho

Details abound on this build, from the custom alloy bracket for the tacho to the mini-speedo tucked subtly away on the left fork leg; the brass clip holding the front brake line in place and the rare Yoshimura-branded rear shocks.
Paintwork is by Trevor Whitty, seat by Nitroheads, indicators and tail-lights custom-mounted. It all counts in a custom build and it all adds up when it comes to the time and care taken to make sure Frankie stands out from the crowd.
Frank, Mike and Frankenbike

And no sooner had Frankenbike left the shop than we started on not one, or two but THREE new projects.
Watch for updates on:
Project GBH - Grievous Bodily Honda
Project SRK - an SR500 Kedo-style
Project DWP - this lucky guy gets a neat cafe racer as a wedding present! How good is that?