Friday, April 27, 2012

Another happy customer...

Dr Roger has done it again - sent another happy customer out into the cafe racer world with a better bike than he rode in on.
Local guy Andy brought his modified Honda GB400 in to us on a trailer after he saw the Mid Life Cycles TV commercial. (See: )

Andy's neat GB about to undergo surgery

It was quite a neat bike, but Andy had run out of skills at the critical moment, needing some help to re-route the wiring and fit a new seat from Benjie's Cafe Racers.
(See: )
It took a few workshop hours, but Roger did his usual tidy job, fitting a rear frame loop and then wiring in a new Shorai battery under the Benjie's seat-hump. He didn't like the look of the stock fork-tops protruding above the triple-clamp, so one custom modification later and Andy's front end looked neat and the fork's factory-fitted mushiness had gone.

This GB needed a fork-ectomy to tidy up the front end
Roger also tweaked the carb, fitted a custom inner guard and bracket to support the dry-sump oil tank, tidied up some brackets 'n bits, and handed the bike back to Andy.
And this was the happy customer's response:

Hey Roger: I've been riding the bike around this morning, and it feels fantastic! The front end feels a million bucks and the carby tuning trick feels great too. I've been very happy with you communication and workmanship skills. I will absolutely be coming back when I need more help with sourcing or mechanical issues. Cheers and thank you! Andy.
You're welcome Andy! That's another neat cafe racer back on the street...

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