Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yamaha action in the Workshop

There's more Yamaha action in the Mid Life Cycles workshop than we're used to. First, customer and keen enthusiast Sandy brought his newly-imported Yamaha XS650-based Mule Flat-tracker for a couple of detail fixes so he could get out and enjoy it. A few twists and tweaks in the hands of Dr Roger and the now-750cc twin burst into raucous life...

Sandy's tasty flat-tracker by Mule (USA)
We've also taken on another flat-tracker style project, this time for Stewart, who decided he had to have his very own Yamaha SR500 D-Track, as built for German supplier KEDO by JvB Moto.

The SR500 D-Track built by JvB Moto for KEDO
Stewart provided most of the Kedo bits and we're well on the way to building this great-looking bike out of a fresh 560cc SR single with lots of custom parts and some careful work by Jim the SR king.
The SRK, as we've dubbed it, features an alloy swingarm, some lightweight bodywork and a few Kedo bits that really define the look of the bike. We'll have the wheels built to spec and then Stewart faces the toughest task - choosing between Kedo blue with white speed-block design, or a traditional Kenny Roberts yellow.

Here's where we're at so far...

Big Single will give the SRK some punch...


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