Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grievous Bodily Honda... and more

Rearset mount fabricated for GBH
With Frankenbike safe in the hands of its new owner, we've taken on three more Honda-based cafe racer builds. First up, there's Grievous Bodily Honda (GBH), our take on what customer Chris R lands on when he trawls YouTube for bike-building inspiration.

Chris's Honda CB550-based custom is in a million bits (well, quite a few bits) and we're deciding on the key features before commencing the rebuild.

Honda CB350F tank and dual seat on DWP

When we need a break from GBH, we turn to a bike being built as a present - that's right, a present from very generous fiancee Lyndsay to a very happy Dave W. So, this one's workshop tag is DWP.
It's based on a Honda XBR500 single, and we've tried a few tank and seat combos to meet Dave's request that he be able to reward Lyndsay's generosity with the occasional pillion ride. One near-winner was a neat Honda CB350 Four tank and a very retro-style dual seat...

The CB400F tank will dress up Dave's cafe racer

But Dave has gone for another tank from the Honda Four family, the CB400F.
With the Honda four-valve 500cc Single beating away beneath, this combo should turn heads and start conversations wherever it's parked.

Honda CB77 cafe racer takes shape
If that's not enough for the Honda tragics - and some traditionalists will already be weeping into their beer (or sake), we're working steadily away on a Honda CB77 that will be one cool cafe racer when it's done.

This over-bored classic 305 (now a full 350cc) runs Akront rims and freshly-refinished drums front and rear and will borrow key bits from Europe and the USA before it's done.

But the big question is: What are we going to call it?!

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