Monday, September 17, 2012

This Ventura highway leads to Iron & Resin

Iron & Resin is the new USA cool
Iron & Resin in Main Street, Ventura, California is a cool place. Opened on July 4th (American Independence Day) this year, the store facade is similar to Mid Life Cycles – a big door opening from the street into the showroom. Except here the bikes are fewer in number and there to draw attention to the merchandise – T-shirts, jackets, retro-style Bell open face helmets, books, posters, badges and much more, including surf gear. Three bikes including the owner’s recently-restored 1950s Triumph twin and an early Honda Dream 305 are just enough to attract the “right” crowd, those who appreciate classic style.
I&R co-founder Thom Hill is equally able to chat with the old codgers who remember his Triumph when it was showroom-fresh while also talking to the visitors who are new to classic bikes. Thom says he "knows the Deus guys" who’ve also recently opened a store in Los Angeles, an hour or so south of Ventura. I&R's staff are friendly and helpful and obviously enjoy the place's funky mechanical style. For more:
Been there, got the T-shirt(s)

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