Monday, August 6, 2012

Ace 125s and Silver Shogun on the road

Anthony and Ace 125 ready to raid and pillage along the promenade
A busy weekend saw two Ace 125s and our Honda CB125 Silver Shogun cafe racer all take to the roads around Mid Life Cycles. First we had Anthony call in for a few minor adjustments to his Ace 125 before he took it for a run down the Bayside promenade. A short session on the bench with Dr Roger had it idling properly and revving-out as it should. Anthony has plans for his Ace and we'll try out a few mods on ours as well and report back on what works best. In fact, a set of Pirelli tyres plus after-market shocks and a few adjustments to the front forks seem to be a good start. Next up might be some adjustments to the stock carburettor or maybe a replacement carby along with a pod filter and related changes to help get the fuel-air mixture in and the exhaust gases out.

We also had new Silver Shogun owner Romi in to discuss the possibility of getting a bike for his brother-in-law-to-be, Rega. As Romi seems to be permanently attached to his CB125 cafe racer, it didn't take much to get Rega out for a ride on our Ace CR125.
Romi (left) and Rega are rapt in their new rides

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