Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simon and his Norton 750 Commando

We get some enthusiastic visitors at Mid Life Cycles - and one of the more interesting recently was Simon, who rode out of his personal Tardis to bring us a touch of the Seventies.
Simon and his well-used Norton Commando

Simon has owned his Norton 750 Commando "for years" and he's modified it along the way to make it more rideable, if not more reliable. The early Honda CB750 front forks and disc brake conversion make for an interesting cross-pollination between the bike that changed motorcycling and one of the last (and best) of traditional British motorcycles. The fairing looks like it's been there since the Seventies and the overall bike looks well thought-through, and well-used.
And Simon? It would be unfair to say he looks well-used, in fact he's in fine fettle, but with open-face helmet and wrap-around shades and those fantastic period leathers, Simon is definitely Living the Dream...

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